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Text PAMHO:3603697 (26 lines)
From: Yudhisthira (das) SRS (Nat. Secretary of Hungary)
Date: 06-Oct-00 14:28
To: AC Bhaktivaibhava Swami [15650] (received: 06-Oct-00 16:40)
To: Lilasuka (das) BCS (Secretary Euro RGB) [6178] (received: 06-Oct-00 16:22)
Cc: Bhakti Vikasa Swami [27453] (received: 12-Oct-00 13:14)
Cc: Bir Krishna das Goswami [23323] (received: 06-Oct-00 23:48) Cc: Danavir Goswami (USA) [6339] (received: 06-Oct-00 15:09)
Cc: Kadamba Kanana Swami [4464] (received: 06-Oct-00 18:55)
Cc: Prahladananda Swami [16838] (received: 06-Oct-00 19:15)
Cc: Trivikrama Swami [10203] (received: 06-Oct-00 17:20) Cc: Madhu Sevita (das) ACBSP (GBC) (I) [9792] (received: 10-Oct-00 13:14)
Cc: Prithu (das) ACBSP [24155] (received: 06-Oct-00 14:42)
Cc: Sesa (das) ACBSP (GBC) [17424] (received: 06-Oct-00 17:48)
Cc: Divyambara (dd) KKD (GBC Sec. Office Mayapur - IN) [8428] (received: 09-Oct-00 13:05)
Cc: Hrdaya Caitanya (das) SDG (TP Radhadesh - B) [9088] (received: 08-Oct-00 10:39)
Cc: Pragosh (das) SDG (IRL) [6585] (received: 06-Oct-00 19:30) Cc: Tattvavada (das) SS (Helsinki - FIN) [1684] (received: 07-Oct-00 06:17)
Cc: Rada-cs (GBC Divisional Council for Czech and Slovak) [362]
Cc-For: GBC (Secretariat) Office
Reference: Text PAMHO:3589635 by Narakriti (das) BVS (Prague - CZ)
Subject: petition ------------------------------------------------------------

Dear Lilasuka Prabhu. Please accept my humble obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada. As suggested by Prahladananda Maharja, a representative of the DC will invite each person who signed the petition to deal with their complaints. Thank you. We will wait for your report. Do you have any idea when it could be ready? I can't say, since it is difficult to contact them becoase they are spread all arround the country and we don't know where they are living. We will send a phone number to Cit Sakti by which the National coucil representative can be reached and maybe you can ask him to inform others. Your servant Narakriti das Dear Narakriti prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I red this petition, I think, many so called "old" devotee could write same petition in Hungary every day. It is home affairs, not for public and the RGB could deal with such issues. Your servant: Yudhisthira dasa (Text PAMHO:3603697) ---------------------------------------

TRANSLATION Drahy Lilasuko Prabhu. Prijmi prosim moje pokorne poklony. Slava Srilovi Prabhupadovi. Na zaklade rady Prahladanandy Maharaje, representant z DC si bude zvat ty, kteri podepsali petici, aby mohl resit jejich stiznosti. Dekuji. Pockame na tve hlaseni. Mas nejakou predstavu o tom, kdy by to mohlo byt hotove. Nemohu rici, protoze je obtizne se s nimi spojit, jsou roztrouseni po cele zemi, a my nevime, kde ziji. Posleme telefoni cislo, kterym muze byt representant z NC k zastizeni, Cit Saktimu a mozna, že bys ho mohl pozadat, aby informoval ostatni. Tvuj sluzebnik Narakriti das Drahy Narakriti prabhu, prijmi prosim me hluboke poklony. Slava Srilovi Prabhupadovi. Cetl jsem petici a myslim, ze mnoho tak zvanych "starych" oddanych v Madarsku by mohlo napsat tu samou petici kazdy den. Je to domaci zalezitost, ne pro verejnost a RGB by melo takoveto pripady projednavat. Tvuj sluzebnik: Yudhisthira dasa