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Text PAMHO:3597952 (46 lines)
From: Manidhara (das) ACBSP (Prague - CZ)
Date: 04-Oct-00 16:10
To: Rada-cs (GBC Divisional Council for Czech and Slovak) [355]
Subject: American liberalism ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
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From: Prahladananda Swami Date: 04-Oct-00 01:01
To: Manidhara (das) ACBSP (Prague - CZ) [13125] Reference:
Text COM:3591495 by Manidhara (das) ACBSP (Prague - CZ)
Subject: American liberalism ------------------------------------------------------------
Camp: Radhadesh

Dear Manidhara prabhu, Please accept my obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
Thank you for your appreciation of the strong preaching efforts of the Czech Republic yatra. I also appreciate the many varied preaching successes there. I don't think that trying to work in a reasonable way to rectifiy possible faults is "American liberalism." We should be broadminded enough to try to deal as Srila Prabhupada would want us to deal. In our immature stage of Krsna consciousness strong preaching sometimes also brings with it a certain insensitivity towards others. Srila Prabhupada although he appreciated the strong preaching of many of his leaders he also tried to temper their behavior with more concern with how they were relating to others, not only the other devotees, but even the non-devotees. Whether this applies to the current situation in the Czech Republic, I don't know completely. But such lack of sensitivity on the part of some of the Czech leaders was indicated by Bhaktivaibhava Maharaja in the letter he sent to the European RGB free forum. I would like to see that GBC either realy can do some thorough investigation into the charactes of these people or it should agree its limmited position honestly.Otherwise it will frustrate the overly ambitious expectations of the parties involved and loose all its credit altogether. First we are asking that the local leaders deal with the problems themselves. Afterwards we can see in consultation with the Czech leaders if any outside help is required and if it is also available. Hope all is well. Your servant, Prahladananda Swami (Text COM:3595972) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Text PAMHO:3588238 (81 lines)

From: Narakriti (das) BVS (Prague - CZ)
Date: 01-Oct-00 09:41
To: Rada-cs (GBC Divisional Council for Czech and Slovak) [342]
Subject: Neutral ---
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Letter COM:3586785 (69 lines)
From: Prahladananda Swami
Date: 30-Sep-00 15:13
To: Narakriti (das) BVS (Prague - CZ) [5201] (forwarded: 30-Sep-00 15:20)
Cc: AC Bhaktivaibhava Swami [15549]
Reference: Text COM:3584786 by Narakriti (das) BVS (Prague - CZ)
Subject: Neutral ------------------------------------------------------------ Camp: Radhadesh

Dear Narakriti prabhu, Please accept my greetings and the blessings of Lord Krsna. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I am greatly disturbed that in the texts devotees are called asuras, mafia and other ill names and still you are taking a "neutral" action towrds these people as being a one side of the two parties in conflict .If the leaders have done anything wrong it should be corrected. There should be a clear evidence and proof of the eventual misbehaviour,otherwise I will not participate anymore in these discussions and reading these endles blasphemies and nonsense. It distubes my spiritual life and I can not perform my duties. I am concerned to hear that you are disturbed and I would like to do whatever is necessary to minimize any unnecessary distraction from the preaching mission that such criticism may generate. It is certainly not to the devotees credit who are using such language and by such actions they are discrediting themselves. Still although many of the devotees who are making accusations by their behavior might be discredited, that would not necessarily satisfy the greater devotee community that we have actually dealt fairly with their complaints. Cit Shakti has already put at least one message on the European RGB free forum. I am having a meeting today with Hrdaya Caitanya and Lila Suka prabhus to eliminate the ability of people outside the conference to post messages. Still there is a big world of internet and it would be best if innocent devotee's reputations weren't slandered and whatever truth is in their statements recognized and dealt with in a positive Krsna conscious spirit--our preaching mission depends on people's faith in order to be successful. I think it is best to approach Bhaktivaibhava Swami in this regard. I have allready done my part. Within a next few days I will send the letter from the GBC-Divisional council from Czech and Slovak Republic and then you can decide on the basis of that letter. Also I will send you responses of devotees who were acussed in the petition. If you find any real basis in acussations then we can discuss that first and then eventulay a commision can come to Czech Republic. Without any preparation it would be contraproductive. Yes, I believe that this is a good way to proceed. Whatever the RGB does will be in consulation with yourself and AC Bhaktivaibhava Maharaja. I nor the other members of the RGB have the time nor the energy nor the inclination to become investigators, judges and juries in every matter that arises within Europe. However, ideally in the future a judicial system should be step up that can handle such complaints in the most efficient and fair way possible. I don't think that devotees and people in their homes via mass communication such as internet should be left to take their own judgements and verdicts because responsibile devotees who are experienced and trained how to handle complex issues in an intelligent and Krsna conscious way aren't dealing with such issues. It might be to everyone's advantage that a non-partisan, impartial or I used the term "neutral" party or parties view the situation and give an objective report. If there is any further spreading of the accusations then the report can be presented as a counter. Also, if the devotees who assess the situation are mature enough they may also offer some sagacious advice. Presently we are working with limited resources, experience and structure, so please bare with us if there is something which might appear disturbing. The internet is such that a disturbance can be created even over one misunderstood word. Hope all is well. Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada, Prahladananda Swami (Text COM:3586785) ----------------------------------------- (Text PAMHO:3588238) ---------------------------------------