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Text PAMHO:3728815 (53 lines)
From: Manidhara (das) ACBSP (Prague - CZ)
Date: 19-Nov-00 18:52
To: Rada-cs (GBC Divisional Council for Czech and Slovak) [397]
Subject: Laksmivan das ------------------------------------------------------------

After yesterday Council meeting I met Laksmivan das,one of the signers of Cit-saktis petition, in the Prague temple.I know Laksmivan already from the days he joined this movement and came finaly to our restaurant in Stockholm.Seeing him finaly to become a very nice sankirtan devotee after his return from Sweden to Czech Republic was most inspiring. To find him as a signer of Cit-saktis frustration manifesto was rather a surprise.Hoping to find the same sankirtan devotee I knew, I asked Laksmivan if we could talk.He agreed and we spoke for more as one hour.I asked him directly if he could tell me eye to eye between two sankirtan devotees how he knows that Manidhara das and Lomancita das are using the Prague Govindas funds for their own sense gratification as stated in the petition. I asked him how he knows that and why he signed such a statement. He replied that he doesnt at all agree with such an acusation and he wasnt at all aware what he realy signed by the time he was approached by Cit-sakti.As matter of fact he explained to me how Cit-sakti puzzled together his petition and all the signers.According to his statement Cit-sakti presented to each signer of the petiton only the small part of it he believed that particular signer wil agree on.He either in written form or verbaly formulated the statements for them and asked them if they agree.Most of the time he came close to the individual frustrations of the particular signers and so they agreed.What they didnt know was, that he later on put together all the statements in one petition and placed their names as the signers of the WHOLE petition at the end. From Laksmivans statements it seems that nobody of the individual signers knew what the other one was writing or that there will be such a "united" group at the end as the colective signers of the petition. At least towards me Laksmivan was embarassed and appologized.He,contrary to Cit-sakti,still believes into his spiritual masters words and is trying to whatever degree he can to follow his instruction. With great suprise Laksmivan heard from me about Cit-saktis last presentation in the Czech National Council before he published his petition. Cit-sakti stated to him that he was physicaly thrown out of that meeting and practicaly beaten on the street.I repeatedly asked Laksmivan if Cit-sakti realy formulated it in this way and Laksmivan confirmed it.All memembers of the Council present in that meeting know that this is an absurd lie.Cit-sakti left this meeting on his own exclaiming while exiting the house that the Council is simply a mafia. My personal subjective observation about Laksmivan is that his problems have not that much to do with any petition or management of the Czech yatra,but with his confused situation.He is in process to find a wife,tries to still distribute some books,has not much idea in which yatra he should be and doesnt have much ability to manage his life in reasonable fashion. So he is an easy target for Cit-saktis propaganda.He looked to me like he can likely loose faith altogether,even he is still trying to remember the instructions of his spiritual master.He is very weakened by his own material desires.He is very much dependant on the association he keeps.It was obvious to me that as much he talked and even listened to me,he can tommorow again listen from Cit-sakti and become confused even more.At least to me he stated that Cit-sakti has big problems himself and he considers him to be overly agitated. Hare Krsna,Manidhara das (Text PAMHO:3728815) --------------------------------------- ***************************************************************************

Text PAMHO:3617108 (160 lines)
From: Manidhara (das) ACBSP (Prague - CZ)
Date: 11-Oct-00 21:41
To: Rada-cs (GBC Divisional Council for Czech and Slovak) [374]
Subject: Reflexion ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
Forwarded Message ---------- Comment 1092 (144 lines)
From: Manidhara ACBSP
Date: 11-Oct-00 19:33
To: Hrdaya Caitanya (das) SDG (TP Radhadesh - B)
To: AC Bhaktivaibhava Swami
To: Narakriti (das) BVS (Prague - CZ) Cc: Bir Krishna das Goswami
Cc: Prahladananda Swami
Cc: Lilasuka (das) BCS (Secretary Euro RGB)
Cc: Pragosh (das) SDG (IRL) Reference:
Text COM:3614905 by Hrdaya Caitanya (das) SDG (TP Radhadesh - = B)
Subject: Reflexion ------------------------------------------------------------

Dear Hrday-Caitanya Prabhu! Please accept my most humble obeisances.All glories to Srila Prabhupada! As this text was adressed as a letter to me,(amongst other receivers), I would like here to present my personal summary of what happened. In your text RGB looks certainly as somebody who did what he could sofar. Surely you are right.It is rather thankless task to simply collect texts from COM and try to act accordingly. The problem is that sometimes one can move oneself out of reality,entering the medial world of messages meeting messages in the COM-world. Sofar I noticed here in Czech Republic the response of the RGB was received with mixed feelings as RGB right away from the beginning not only stated but even demanded that the oposing parties here involved,(Cit-sakti das and the rest of the yatra devotees here) must be viewed as equal = partners for a dialog.The gloomy picture of dogmatic,fashistic despots ruling this yatra since its origins seemd to have found its receivers. On the screen of the international computer world suddenly Cit-sakti apeared as a shining figure, ready to make lots of noice about the outrageous mistreatement done by the leaders of this yatra. But it that the real world?As I already mentioned in my letters to Prahlananda Swami,Cit sakti das may mascarade as phantom in the Internet world,but what does it say about him and his "followers" personality? As the dispute between "vaisnavas" ,the issue was treated as to be settled amongst "vaisnavas".But who is a vasinava?Who is a devotee?Somebody who makes big propaganda in the computer world?I think Srila Prabhupada would disagree. I beg for forgivness to remmember the day when I joined and with beaming face raced along the german highways on sankirtan.Those days a "vaisnava" was the one who followed Srila Prabhupada.(Well, at least the ideal of Srila Prabhupadas was there even already then many "Cit-saktis" manifested.)And what did it mean to follow Srila Prabhupada?To follow his instructions.What did it mean to follow his instructions?To execute his mission.And what was his mission? 1)to produce and distribute his books 2)to go on hare nama and to spread so the Holy Name 3)to accomodate the bhaktas in our temples and train them to do the above mentioned. 4)to distribute prasadamn profusely ....well and that was mainly all about it.There were not bombastic ministeries,(runn from a one room flat down town New York),there were not high flying "academic" vaisnavas heard all over the world,(sponsored by their wifes collecting money for the rent with questionable paraphenelia),there were not "arm chair ISKCON-reformers" spending their evenings with well written petitions for betterment of mankind and their nights with illicit sex life. .......(Now this text could get very very long,so better I stop here). Certainly, Srila Prabhupada was ready to accept service from anybody,but the above mentioned four points were his priority.(I think you know it better as me).He never mentioned anything about petitions in Internet being devotional service,neither blasphemening vaisnavas.(I know,you may not believe it,but you would be amazed how many lies Cit-sakti das managed to compress in his texts!) But all this may be nowadays designated as old fashioned or "antique" views propagated by some dying out fanatics. Nevertheless I count myself to be lucky to have the association of such old fashioned "fanatics" who view the pillars of Srila Prabhupadas mission to be sacrade. If we would ever remmember these four points and aply this sort of vallue system to Cit-sakti and his scattered,confused "followers" they would all fail by any means.None of them was ever engaged in this way,except Cit-sakti Tattva-darshi and Janaka-gouranga das who for a while were indeed a happy persons in this movement before they lost faith in the process of devotional service.I dont even dare to mention too loudly that Srila Prabhupada expected a "devotee" to follow four regulative principles and chant 16 round daily. As one of the signers of the petition proudly stated few days ago:"I know most of the signers and they dont follow the regulative principles,neither do I.But we dont follow honestly,while you and all the ISKCON leaders dont follow them either but they still insist to look as saints!"This is the kind of people we are dealing here with,Hrday-caitanya Prabhu! So,now,with a grand bang, Cit-sakti das tries to explain to the world why he cannot serve Krsna anymore.Its all due to the "others",as he remains a mistreated victim. How many times you as a temple president encountered people like this? Surely many times.Otherwise Radhadesh would be full of seniour vaisnavas only who glorify ISKCON and its management forever.Each yatra can produce after some years of active preaching such a gathering "ISKCON-frustrated" individuals who realized that life in Krsna-consciousness means purification and they got very upset about it.That doesnt mean that mistreatement cannot be done. Just immagine I would go now back 28 years and publish a book on Internet called:"From Hansadutta to Harikesh...28 years in the Hare Krsna sect". Your fantasy wouldnt be big enough to accomodate the things I saw personaly. But I will never do that.It wil be boaring for the sober ones and exciting for the nasty ones.I have besides that no time and no energy to scream out my frustrations world wide. Obviously for a while Cit sakti has such a sort of energy.He will be not pacified by any RGB or any investigation committee,since he is not a rationaly thinking person.His policiy is to simply collect names,put them on the list and make revolution. All "modern" revolutions were done this way. Even much more charismatic persons, like Hitler,Gandhi did the same. You collect sudras and bellow,pile them up,let them "march to the palace" and destroy everything.After one asumes the power, one turns into even worse despot as the predecor.Thats human history. Cit-sakti das has nor problem to distribute books of Srila Prabhupada,to take responsibility for any preaching projects, etc.,since he cannot even appreaciate others doing so, what to speak to do it himself.Afer a while his senses will drag him down and we will all forgett all these COM-texts as we will be bombarded by another wave of attacks from the external energy of the Lord who is allways eager to keep us bussy. As we try here to investigate why and when Cit-sakti turned into a bitter person,he is already ,despite his statement not to do so, yealling out his verdicts,(not acusations,but verdicts!) all over the Internet virtual world.Nobody can change that,its mayas "free" world and he made his decission already. But to expect that all the devotees engaged in book distribution,prasadam distribution and preaching in this yatra will now stop their service and join some democratic votes for a new ,truly liberal and sensualy liberated leadership in this yatra is a wishfull thinking by Cit-sakti das and Kundali das. Personaly I hope that the ideals of Srila Prabhupadas mission will be preserved by the devotees here and individuals like Cit-sakti will be soon silenced by illusions.Two years ago I lost my service in Sweden and had to witness how practicaly all the ideals of Srila Prabhupadas preaching got burried under layers of social-democratic-psycho-analytical -sexual-liberated "preaching".(With some exceptions of course). There I had to witness how lies become so-called true and true become a lie.And nobody could stop it.So I am trained. I have no illusions that this text may change anything.I know Cit-sakti enough to perceive him as a psychic person who in reality cals out for love while attacking the very same person who tries to give it to him.(You know, there is a psychic disease like that I heard,but I am not expert).I am writing here to voice a little hope for sanity and for the somewhat protected and peaceful atmosphere those devotees strugelling here in Czech Republic need so they can go on with Srila Prabhupadas mission. Cit-sakti achieved indeed some positive results here:he brought the leaders of this yatra even more close together forgetting their little misgivings to each other as they had to face such a festival of a seemingly internationaly well received insanity.So they are surely more united as before, feeling the kicks of maya. So some credit Cit-sakti das surely deserved.He embodies the prototype of a "Internet-vaisnava" a figure out of the virtual reality world of today. A world Srila Prabhupada would never accept as real.I can picture Srila Prabhupada sitting at his old typewriter and urge everybody to shutt down their computters and go on hare nama.So many problems could be solved this way indeed. Thank you for reading this text and thanks for being still on RGB for a while. Hare Krsna,your servant Manidhara das (Text 1092) ------------------------------------------------ (Text PAMHO:3617108) ---------------------------------------


Text PAMHO:3597955 (80 lines)
From: Manidhara (das) ACBSP (Prague - CZ)
Date: 04-Oct-00 16:10
To: Rada-cs (GBC Divisional Council for Czech and Slovak) [356]
Subject: American liberalism ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------
Forwarded Message ---------- Comment 1077 (70 lines)
From: Manidhara ACBSP
Date: 04-Oct-00 17:20
To: Prahladananda Swami
Reference: Text COM:3595972 by Prahladananda Swami
Subject: American liberalism ------------------------------------------------------------

Dear Prahlananda maharaja! Please accept my most humble obeisances.All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Preaching broadmindednes in connection with Cit sakti dasas petition gives only another bisar dimension to this whole affair.Sorry,maharaja, but Srila Prabhupada would never aprove the offensive language Cit saktis text is written to start with.That GBC sofar didnt object to the way Cit-sakti is voicing his dissatisfaction,to the tone of his text,leaves most of the leading devotees here amazed.Cit saktis offensive attitude grew only in strength sofar due to the liberal attitude of the GBC manifested here.You are still talking in terms of "devotee" when it comes to Cit-sakti and his followers while some of the signers of his text are publicaly announcing that "they will get a gunn and shoot the whole ISKCON". So now you will receive many texts from the other side of the acused ones as the devotees of the whole Czech yatra get involved with this festival of offences.Sofar GBC related to Cit-sakti as the person talking in COM. Nobody,you not either, met him in person or knows who these people are. But he is already presenting himself as being fuly supported by the GBC. Not one word was spoken from the side of GBC in order to make him aware that he is not raising some complains but started already with concluded acusations.He already came to a verdict and expects GBC to execute it. The person Cit-sakti das talking in COM is simply a medial illusion.And GBC askes us here officialy to take it as reality in name of broadmindedness.This whole issue can only become more realistic when we take distance from the medial illusions and start to see persons involved as they are in reality.That will not be done through COM.It seems maharaja that you ask me to accomodate this medial illusion of Cit-sakti das in name of broadmindedness.It is the local devotees here who have to face . Cit-sakti and his gang in daily reality.In the COM world he is maskarading as an phantom only . The picture of dogmatic manipulative group of leaders which is dedicated only to achieve the satisfaction of their personal desires for power and money seem to be well received sofar.Thats all due to Cit-saktis presence in COM.He is deriving strength from this illusory media and he is using it for blackmail. Maharaja,you will see,after the "broadmindedness preaching" fades away, it will be the Czech devotees left behind who will have to suffer its consequences while they are without any support strugelling here with Cit saktis policy to destroy anything he views as authoritative in the devotee community. Maharaja,please read this text from Cit sakti again.Do you think that terms like "most evil person I ever met" and "demons and raksasas" can be accomodated in the "broadmindedness" you speak about? Are you also in the spirit of broadmindedness ready to listen from me personaly what it means when Cit sakti publicaly anounces that I came to Czech Republic only to get funds from the Prague restaurant?Shall I now describe to you what it took in the last one year to set up in this restaurant a fair system of allowances for all devotees?Shall I describe to you how not only this restaurant but also other centers as well are managed not by single,(corupted) individuals but by boards of devotees?Do you want to hear all this or you wil justy preach to me about the spirit of broadmindedness ? What do you personaly stand for?I am convinced that you are a lover of = the truth.So why not find it out?Somebody here in the whole issue is wrong and somebody is right.But we will not solve it here in COM.You would = have to come here and speak personaly to the devotees involved.I am sure you would find enough broadmindedness when it comes to the way how to continue the mission of Srila Prabhupada in Czech Republic.But you will find little broadmindedness when it comes to tolerance of vaisnava aparadhas. Things can be idealy solved on personal basis only.COM doesnt provide such an opportunity and Cit-sakti das is benefiting from that.Without = COM he would be hardly noticed in this country due his total absence from devotional service.Now,with COM he has suddenly an identity. Hare Krsna maharaja,I hope one day we can come from COM-illusion to personal reality. Your servant Manidhara das (Text 1077) ------------------------------------------------ (Text PAMHO:3597955) ---------------------------------------