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Bir Krishna Goswami

NOTE: original text contains many words and slang expressions which cannot be accurately translated into English. Czech original itself is actually not real Czech.
Text PAMHO:3629345 (284 lines) [W2]
From: Lomancita (das) PVS (Prague - CZ)
Date: 16-Oct-00 12:16
To: Rada-cs (GBC Divisional Council for Czech and Slovak) [378]
Comment: Text PAMHO:3642828 by Trilokatma (das) BVS (Prague - CZ)
Subject: Guru worship ------------------------------------------------------------

TRANSLATION I am sending full reading of GBC resolutions from 1999 regarding Guru worship in ISKCON. As you know, Mr. Hajnik upbraided for breaking this resolution, and therefore I would like to propose to the National Council that this resolution be translated and made available to our devotees in centers. If you won't object within 3 days, I would like t ask Punya Palaka to translate this text and send it in Czech to this conference again, for all the mebers for downloading it for devotees.

PS. In the restaurant we have put down the pictures already. --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Text PAMHO:3671670 (11 lines) [W2]
From: Lomancita (das) PVS (Prague - CZ)
Date: 30-Oct-00 14:50
To: Rada-cs (GBC Divisional Council for Czech and Slovak) [385]
Subject: setkáni peticionistů ------------------------------------------------------------

TRANSLATION As you may know, on Thursday there will be a meeting of petitioner's committee for supressed rights of unsupressed desires and of free committee in conection to ....... movement, or in other words together with Kundali and Madhusudani Radha for ever and always on far Siberia. Therefore I am coming with a question. Probably they will want to heap up provocatively at Govinda, to take a ........ or how they call it now and be provocative. I spoke about this with Trilokatma prabhu who told me that DC didn't change their decision and that all signatories are forbidden to enter to enter any center. But what about if they will want to take prasadam together with Yudhisthira as kind of apeacement act? What then? We want to prevent whatever embarrasments. Any suggestions, notes? Thanks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Text PAMHO:3612663 (12 lines) [W2]
From: Lomancita (das) PVS (Prague - CZ)
Date: 10-Oct-00 12:08
To: Rada-cs (GBC Divisional Council for Czech and Slovak) [368]
Comment: Text PAMHO:3613119 by Manidhara (das) ACBSP (Prague - CZ)
Subject: erupce ------------------------------------------------------------

TRANSLATION What is the next step? Should we still keep writing about those people who signed it? Will Prahladananda Swami and his office do anything? Will be called for whole country Istha-gosti as Mr. Hajnik insist on? Also blooped will come? And what about Gusta Husak and Strougal they will come too? Who will be the speaker and how many principles will be observed? Will be Zdenda boss of the bosses of Czech yatra? Will be again allowed smoking and ritvik philosphy, discussed on the toilets so much? Will be czech leaders sent to the mine for forced labour? Will Janaka Gouranga go on harinams? Will Mr. Kieswether shoot with his sling 45mm piegons in the Prague? Will not Zdenda faint that nothing is happening? Will delegation from far Belgium come? Will Trilokatma feel like on toilet during his talks for long time? Will be anything to read in the ghost world of inernet still? Will be once again democrazy and end of despots in czech yatra? Will for all that still time? (Text PAMHO:3612663) --------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------=