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Dear Maharajas and Prabhus, Hare Krsna.Please accept my humble obeissances.All glories to Srila Prabhupada. My name is Jnana dipa das.I have stayed in ISKCON Prague temple as full time devotee for 9 years, from 1991 to february of 2000.Presently I am staying in ISKCON Baroda, India.All bad, abusive, aggressive and manipulative behaviour and mentality I was observing through all these years, I was fooling myself(with the help of preaching strategies there) into thinking, that these are all "transcendental".Now I am waking up from my pink dream and big illusion.I am convinced, that these are only manifestations of bad and low material qulities, presented falsely as "Krsna consciousness", in those, who are actually heavily conditioned, selfishly motivated, unfortunate souls, who failed to recognize and get rid themselves of anarthas, cultivating them instead. Therefore, I strongly recommend and support immediate ban on any official, leading position for lifetime for Narakriti das, Ashvahari das and Dharma Rupa das.I support remedial measures to be taken for Nila Madhava das and Trilokatma das. What came to my knowledge, or what I have personally observed, is, that these devotees sometimes behave harshly and lie, they are purposefuly covering facts and thus keeping others in ignorance, they keep knowledge of ISKCON's laws for themselves, thus preventing others of knowing and discussing these laws, and thus creating their own policy in the name of ISKCON, they were creating atmosphere of fear and narrow-minded, fanatical understanding of sastra, they were hurting honest and sincere feelings and ideals of devotees and ridiculing them, they were creating elitism and feeling of inferiority in others.There is even serious charge against Dharma Rupa das, supported by witnesses, accusing him of stealing money from restaurant into his own pocket.This should be certainly carefuly investigated.I do not understand, why these devotees, who are sometimes displaying not elevated character, are still in leading position. I do not want to remember and narrate any particular stories.Lot of them was already told and result is none.I want to support this Petition, because I have my personal experiences with matters described in Petition.I would like only to comment upon some of recent statements:

72.07 DISTURBANCES? Srila Prabhupada: "This is most irregular. I am trying to retire from the administration, but if the presidents and the GBC men make such disturbance then how can I be peaceful?" (5/9/72) *******************************

Narakriti das(October 3rd, 2000):"The whole point is not what is true, what is not true.The whole point is not who is guilty, not guilty.The whole point is, that if we can do something to shut them up.That's whole point, that RGB is doing.They do not care much."

Narakriti is speaking.MP3

I am sorry, I too much believe in Srila Prabhupada's teachings and in Bhagavadgita, in honesty, truthfulness and purity in life, so that I am most disturbed by statements like that.I can not believe, that it is the statement made by leader in spiritual movement coming down in line of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Bhaktivinod Thakur, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati and Srila Prabhupada.In line, which is based on Bhagavadgita, on adherence and dedication to truth.But no wonder.It is understood, that in Kali-Yuga, time of hypocrisy, the unscrupulous persons take advantage of weak and humble people to cheat them and are using even these personalities and teachings to achive their goals.Of course, externaly it may look nice or look even as KC, but this type of misbehaviour and manipulative cheating clearly shows, that it is bluff only.There is no question of the mode of goodness in such dealings.It is mainly inflenced by passion, rajasic mentality and behaviour.Taste for power.

74.07 GBC WHIMSICAL. Srila Prabhupada: "I made the GBC to give me relief, but if you do like this, then where is the relief? It is ANXIETY for me. This is the difficulty, that as soon as one gets POWER he becomes whimsical and SPOILS everything. What can I do?" (1974) *************************************

74.09 GBC PUNISHED. Srila Prabhupada: "Yamaraja (a demigod) is one of the GBCs of Krishna. ...Therefore we have created the GBC. So they shall be very responsible men. Otherwise, they will be punished. They will be punished to become a sudra [low born]. Although Yamaraja is a GBC, he made a little mistake. He was punished to become a sudra. So, those who are GBCs, they should be very, very careful to administer the business of ISKCON. Otherwise they will be punished. As the post is very great, similarly, the punishment is very great. That is the difficulty." (SB Lecture 1974)

76.06 GBCs MAY GO. Srila Prabhupada: "Krishna does not require any president or any GBC. He's giving a chance to everyone, that's all. Otherwise thousands of GBC may come and go, His work will go on." (CONV 9/26/76) **************************************

Back to Narakriti's statement: It sounds to me more like statement made by leader in some extremistic political party.Political manoeuvring a'la Machiavelli.Just to control, manipulate and exploit others for their selfish goals to enjoy life and keep themselves in big posts.The end justifies the means.But here neither the end nor the means are Krsna consciouss(KC).It will not do good for KC either of leaders or of ordinary devotees.It is actualy demoniac statement(Who is actually the disciple of Kali?).Manidhara das wrote in his letter to Prahladananda Swami about those, who signed Petition, and especially about Cit Sakti das this(September 29th, 2000):"Its surely regretable to see him destroying his spiritual future with such an intensity and speed."I would like to know, what kind of spiritual future does Manidhara das think is he creating for himself and others by participating in such conspiracy against truth?I may only conclude, because such dealings and behaviour do not create any spiritual future for anybody, that his interests are not spiritual at all.But why is he using Srila Prabhupada's pure name to attain these interests?Why is he not doing that honestly among other materialistic people?On another occasion he writes(October 2nd, 2000):"Ja bych jeste pristi tyden chtel rano vstat a podivat se na Srila Prabhupadu bez vycitek svedomi ze jsem se ted stal clenem nejake politicke mafie."Which means:"I would like still next week to be able to get up and look upon Srila Prabhupada without remorses, that I became a member of some political mafia."That is very nice and precise definition of the type of dealings the DC is implicated in.Very good."Dear Manidhara Prabhu, You are correct, it is political mafia and You have become a member.If You are serious, then either leave DC, or stop them from immoral politics, or withdraw Your face from Srila Prabhupada openly.Be honest.You can not engage Yourself in such filthy politics and simultaneously be innocent in Srila Prabhupada's eyes." Back to Narakriti's statement.It is direct slap in Srila Prabhupada's face.It is direct denial of sastra, mockery of sastra.Where is the truthfulness, honesty, vaishnava integrity, pure character, morality and motivation, responsibility, dedication to sastra or sastric reference for such dealing, conscience or good intention to help others and solve the situation?Neither of these is present.Because for Narakriti das and others to solve the situation simply means to silence any grievances and continue with exploitative bussiness.And these people are wearing brahmana thread, sacred threat.This is mockery, a joke only.I now openly request Narakriti das, Manidhara das, Bhaktavaibhava Swami, Trilokatma das, Lomancita das, Dharma Rupa das, Asvahari das and Raghunatha Priya das, please take off Your brahmana threads.It is anyway only unnecessary rope, so why to play commedy?Please be more REAL people. On the ground of Narakriti's statement we can understand, that this demoniac idea comes from RGB.For us it is paradoxical and absurd situation, because we complain to institution, which presents as impartial and objektive, and to start 'investigation' it sends some RGB men here.They also present themselves as impartial and objektive, so we are foolish enough to hope for the best before we can understand, that there is no hope, because there is no impartiality and no objektivity at all, no willingness to really investigate, what to speak of willingness to correct or change, just manipulation from both sides(RGB and DC).No justice.They "do not care much".Just to silence the opposition.Complete cheating.But although this idea comes from RGB, Narakriti's men are eager to take it up, because it fits their purposes.Therefore, they are as guilty as RGB is, for accepting this strategy, which is contradictory to truth, justice, sastra, vaishnava conduct, Srila Prabhupada's teaching."Does not matter what is true, who is guilty, just silence the opposition!"I do not believe, that movement, these people are guiding, is Srila Prabhupada's movement.It can't be, because Srila Prabhupada wanted us to be truthful devotees, living according to Bhagavadgita.


Bhaktivaibhava Swami(October 3rd, 2000):"He(Cit Sakti) presents them as large group of dissatisfied people, even rejected people, we should divide them, very strongly."

Dasa A.C. Bhaktivaibhava swami is speaking.MP3

Oh!What an attitude!Similar unbeliavable, violent, inimical statement like that of Narakriti.But this time statement made by initiating spiritual master, holy person.Let somebody prove me from sastra, that it is the duty or proper behaviour for vaishnava, what to speak of guru, to divide, weaken and get rid of devotees, who were mistreated, feel desperate and hopeless, and are complaining.He understands clearly, that it is not proper, therefore he publicly wears mask of "compassion", "helping" and "good intentions", and tries to befool others with "mantras" about "correcting" situation or his disciples, "solving" problems and so on.He is not ashamed to write "I am very sorry...", "I am very concerned...", but we see, what is his real attitude: to divide, weaken and defeat enemy.He is fighting, fighting to 'shut them up', he is on the battlefield.Sadhu.What these people are really concerned with and compassionate to are their own anarthas and desires.So although sastra orders saintly person to be honest, straightforward and simple, here we see clear duplicity, endeavour to manipulate public opinion.Publicly saintly person, privately politician, making strategies to defeat enemy, but not strategies for changing untolerable, arrogant behaviour of his disciples.Because their positions are threaten, it is like time of crisis for them.Being in the time of crisis, they are showing, what is their true regard towards sastra-they do not care.Simple. To be honest, when I found out for the first time this Narakriti's statement, I was moved to tears, I was crying and praying to Krishna to save me from association of such deceitful men.Such a shock, such a dissappointment!Such a betrayal!I was mistakenly believing 9 years, that he is a vaishnava, a real person, an honest person.Now I don't believe him anymore a word!He is a liar, a cheater, a hypocrit, a calculating politician.Give him power, and he will advocate any philosophy in the name of Lord Caitanya and Srila Prabhupada, just to suit his purposes to enjoy and control.Because people like him 'do not care much'.And RGB are his gurus.You don't see that?What more do You want to see, if that is not enough!He wears vaishnava cloths, but simultaneously he is openly(secretly) advocating demoniac philosophy: "Not care about truth, shut up the opposition"!!!It is directly against all vaishnava qualities.His heart is heavily polluted with controlling and manipulative tendencies, hard heart.He has no conscience, no compassion.Otherwise he would not treat devotees as things in his possession.What are his real intentions? For him truth means nothing.Just recently he made promise to my father, into his eyes, to return my flat in one month, promise, that he broke within 24 hours by changing completaly and withdrawing from that promise.Such a joke.Just tricks!Truth means nothing for him.To Laxmivan das he wrote, that if somebody from GBC asks him about status of people under Petition, he says, that about others he does not know(!!!), only he knows, that Laxmivan and Yoga Maya dd are in good status.Just to impress upon Laxmivan, how he is so called impartial and objektive.But to 'his' men, in order to impress them, he says(October 3rd, 2000), that except of Laxmivan and Yoga Maya, who are OK, others are in lower modes of nature, taking drugs and practically not caring to follow regulative principles at all!!But to Laxmivan he wrote, that about others he is giving rapport 'I do not know'.Primitive lie!Does he think, that Krsna is not hearing him lying left and right?But how can he know?How can he know, what Radhesa das is doing?How can he know, what is doing bhakta Martin in Vyskov?How can he say, that Cit Sakti das or Tattva darsi das are taking drugs?Or others?Almost 20 people!But he is claiming, that it is so.How does he know?Just primitive lie!Truth means for Narakriti das BIG NOTHING!!Disgusting.Just manipulating people.What an example of vaishnava integrity in our temple president!!Shall we follow such authorities(??), and also throw honesty and truthfulness out of the window? Please, those who have still some honesty and sincerity left, not being completaly burned down by lasting association with Narakriti das, I request You, give up his association, give up his leadership, do not support him, do not follow him!If You are, after him influencing Your consciousness for long time, still interested in getting pure devotional service, leave him, do not be sentimental, otherwise You will get nowhere!Lips service will not do, that is clearly stressed by Srila Prabhupada.We must become thoroughly honest and saintly.We have to strive to acquire vaishnava qualities and not to 'shut the opposition up'.Then only pure devotional service is possible.Ulterior motives are big obstacle.But if You are just interested in external show and big words, then OK, You are in a good company.But symptoms of really advanced, detached and honest vaishnava leader please seek elsewhere. And what is the connection between fact, that some of devotees, who signed the petition, are presently not following 4 regs., and fact, that they were previously mistreated, that somebody did them wrong?Even if they are not following properly all the rules and regulations now, does that mean, that those, who mistreated them previously, were right?What is the connection between our leaders not meeting proper standard of vaishnava behaviour and character for many years and some other devotees' not presently following 4 regs?What does it have to do with their character?And why is he accusing them?Because they accused him?Their experiences from past will not become invalid, only because he accuses them of not following 4 regs. at present.Is not that just enmity?Just envy?Because somebody dared to question his practices?Is he not impartial?Does he not welcome, if somebody points out misbehaviour?Is he making differences on the ground of loyalty to his rulership?Is he liking those, who agree with him and inimical to those, who oppose him?Is he not materialy motivated? To me Narakriti admitted in letter, that he is 'constantly struggling with acar and pracar, that ideals of Srila Prabhupada are high'.That is all right, but not for post of TP.Somebody, who is a leader and guide in Srila Prabhupada's movement, somebody, who plays significant role in molding, directing or changing other devotees' lives, should not be himself engaged in constant personal struggle between acar and pracar.Then it is only expected, that he will do some harm.He further wrote to me, that if the devotees think, that he is incorrigible, that he can give up his post and serve Krishna in any way the Lord wants.Yes, I think him incorrigible, for he is cheating himself into thinking, that he is all right.That by becoming temple president, he became a vaishnava, or even great and important vaishnava.And he firmly believes that.So how do You want to correct somebody, who is thinking, that he is great, powerful, more clever than others and practically infallible? Krishna's competitor.But I think him incorrigible and humbly ask him, please give up that post, it will do good for You and for others as well.You are grhasta, so get please some honest work or do some bussiness, it will be healthy change, You will be purified, rest assured.Thank You very much. They always ask for proofs, proofs.So what can prove their moral corruption more than this.But no problem, if You require more, we have more, we will supply more.I only commented upon portion of it.Remaining portion may soon be published for benefit of those, who are "lovers of the truth", and who are interested in knowing things as they are, and not only in 'shuting up the opposition'.For those, who are really pure and honest or really want to be. On the strenght of these arguments, I humbly ask You, Narakriti das and others, who agree with philosophy of 'not care much about the truth, just shut them up'(because we have now power, we will tell what is the truth, who cares about honesty and sastra, provided we meet our goals, everything's great!),I humbly ask You, give up Your posts, which You are occupying unlawfully, only for personal ambition, without required moral and spiritual qualities. If somebody thinks, that there is some connection between my following 4 regs. and chanting at least 16 rounds every day here in India, and someone else's questionable behaviour there in Czech, I would like to tell, that yes, I do follow 4 regs. and I do chant at least 16 rounds every day. Although I am presently experiencing frustration and dissappointment, as You may see from my letter, however, it's not coming from my personal spiritual life.I am quite happy chanting Hare Krsna and reading Bhagavadgita.I don't have any major problems in my spiritual life.As my greatest problems I consider the inability to think about Krsna constantly, and chant His holy name purely, as these are my goals.Otherwise, I feel personaly happy.My dissatisfaction and feelings of frustration are coming from other sources.I hope, that is clear. Those, who do not like, that the world knows about their activities, they are not happy with internet facilitating quick and massive spreading of information.They preffer to keep some things 'under carpet', or to 'shut up the opposition'.And that is not very easy to do, if someone writes something today and tomorrow the whole world knows about that.However, Srila Prabhupada wanted us to be honest, and if we really are, then there is no fear of anybody writting about us in internet.If we are not, and we have something to hide(which is strange, if we are vaishnavas), then we may be worried, that somebody is sitting somewhere and writting something.Most are screaming those, who insist upon keeping their activities hidden.But why, if they are so good and pure?If they are, let the world hears their glory.And if not, let others be warned against them.With internet, the lives and practices of cheaters and dishonest persons became somewhat less comfortable and less peaceful.All the time, somebody is pointing out their flaws, that's terrible, isn't it? I like internet, though.I like information, I like to know things as they are, to know who is who and what is what, even though it destroys my ideals.Why?Because what is the use of ideals, which are faulty?We are supposed to be advocates of truth, but in practice, we are actually advocates of external show only.I was living in great illusion, naive as I am, that ISKCON equals Srila Prabhupada, that ISKCON equals KRSNA, that ISKCON equals sastra.It is not so.Although it is painful discovery, it is better, than illusion.I hate and fear illusion and cheating.So I am grateful to internet(or to those people, who are giving information in this way) for helping me understand, in what kind of society I am actually living. And I am highly disgusted and dissappointed of us not being able to maintain standard Srila Prabhupada wanted from us, not even the basic standard, and that sometimes the greatest crimes are done even by leaders themselves, and that this syndrom is present in ISKCON for 30!! years.'But not, you are cheated, these are just lies, propaganda'.No, no, I believe, because I saw many times the symptoms of moral decay around me.And if something like that, which is common for ISKCON during 30 years, is happening now, we think Oh! it's by chance, it's exception, let's keep it under carpet, saying openly what's going on will help no one, if no one will know, picture will look more nicely.Bla, bla.One difficulty with this is, that then everything is just bluff.Srila Prabhupada has said it.If we do not acquire proper qualifications required for establishing ourselves properly in discharging sadhana bhakti, or required for being competent to lead others to Krsna, then our speech is bluff only.It is problem in ISKCON, that this society can not or does not want to punish those, who are, by their activities, sometimes even repeatedly, violating integrity of pure vaishnava behaviour.And that even(or because of that), such devotees are in leading position. Srila Prabhupada has said, that how to recognize a devotee:"He would be a perfect gentleman".Gentle means fine, fine behaviour.Devotee is one, whose behaviour is fine.Presently we are solving case of leaders in Czech yatra, who were displaying in a lot of times, during many years, a harsh and aggressive behaviour.Screaming, forcing, threatening, calling bad names, or kicking other DEVOTEES!!We are in ISKCON voluntarily.Why do I have to be subject to anybody's inability to meet the proper standard of decent behaviour, in spite of him being guided(and corrected) by bona fide spiritual master? This is unfortunately not present only in Czech republic.Yudhisthira Prabhu wrote himself to Narakriti das, that in Hungary such accusations could be raised every day.And he is saying that just like nothing, by the way.And Cit Sakti das is accused by Manidhara das as being cynical.But what is this?If one is saying as a matter of fact, that such accusations could be raised every day, just by the way, is he not cynical?That only proves my point, that nowadays ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada's teachings are two different things.Bluff only.So sad.And my friends from USA told me, that the same is there.They also wanted to write some letter, but finaly, out of fear of loosing everything(because towards those, who dare to point out mistakes and faults and are calling for correction, ISKCON is merciless) they did not do it.But frustrated and dissappointed they are-with leaders misusing power, behaving harshly and manipulating people.So Czech, Hungary, USA, probably all over the world.I beg You, let this movement be led by really advanced, detached!! devotees with exemplary behaviour, whom all the world can follow and be happy and KC.Led by devotees, who will be not misusing power, behave arrogantly and enjoying at expenses of others.And if somebody in leading position is found guilty of these crimes, then throw him out of this position, he is not qualified, he will help no one.Authority means qualified authority.Otherwise it is only a joke, a hypocrisy.And if You can not meet this goal, then do not claim, that You are representing Srila Prabhupada. What I presented above represents my most sincere personal convictions and opinions, and I believe that fully.I considered to tell this to You as my duty.However, I am not going to discuss these subjects with anybody anymore.This is last word.I am certainly not going to answer questions as where, who, when and so on.I have no interest to do it.You may disregard my testimony fully, I will not mind, and I will not be amazed either.It is up to You.Take it into consideration, or throw it out of the window.That will be perfectly all right.But do not ask me anything, I am not going to involve myself in the case further than that.I am disgusted, and I am in anxiety from present situation ISKCON is in.If You say, that this attitude will not help anything, or will not change anything, that I consider as hypocrisy.Real change is not desired, to maintain what we have, although it's into somewhat considerably great degree bluff only, is desired.I am now determined more than ever to purify and change my heart.I will now work on that and You do, what You wish to do.I only wanted to tell, that in many, many instances my observations corresponded with accussations mentioned in petition, thus I considered them, in my conscience, as valid, and therefore I signed the Petition.The problem is clearly here.It's up to You, how You will deal with the Petition or with my paper. Your servant Jnana dipa das

PS Czech leaders now acquired habit(new anartha?) to designate everyone, who is just not extatic enough with their rulership and monopoly on rationality, and dares to rise his voice, as being disciple of Kali.Bravo!There is a parallel with Catholic Church, which for hundreds of years is in the same way designating all other sects or individuals, who are pointing out lasting and great deviations of the Church, as the servants of the Devil, who should be burned.So what can be done, I will now be designated as servant of the Devil, or Kali.All right, I take it.Thank You in advance.Or maybe, that Manidhara das will write about me to Prahladananda Swami, that although previously happy devotee, now I am envious or became mad.Also good.