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Bir Krishna Goswami

Text PAMHO:3615144 (19 lines) [W1] From: Asvahari (das) BVS (Ostrava - CZ) Date: 11-Oct-00 08:41 To: Rada-cs (GBC Divisional Council for Czech and Slovak) [370] Comment: Text PAMHO:3616675 by Trilokatma (das) BVS (Prague - CZ) Subject: Co dělate? ------------------------------------------------------------

Hare Krsna prabhus, PAMHO, AgtSP! Jaky je dojem Trilakatmaji z dalsi situace? Co rika GBC?Prijede nejaky rozhodci? Zdenka jsme uz slyseli - mele stale to same dokola. Mozna dobre ho jeste trosku nechat psat a pak to odnest na posouzeni nejakemu psychiatrovi. Fakt je ze kdyz se cituje to vyhrozovaní ublizenim na zdravi, mnela by se citovat urcita osoba a svedek. Jsou to vazne obvineni v jejich neprospech a kdyz se to rekne obecne, vypada to ze si to nekdo vymyslel. Myslim ze pohovory s jednotlivimi petitionisty by mnely pokracovat. Nemnelo by se pristoupit na dalsi kroky, dokud se osobne nevyjadri vsichni petitioniste. A po kazdem pohovoru informovat "cely svet" zucastnenych oddanych. Souvislosti s Kundalim nejsou myslim moc fantazie. Mozna by stalo za to dozvedet se vice o jeho pusobeni zde a vubec. Zatim je petice na internetu, budeme nejak reagovat? co kdyz se to objevi ve sdelovacich prostredcich? Vs Asvahari dasa (Text PAMHO:3615144) ---------------------------------------

TRANSLATION Hare Krsna prabhus, PAMHO, AgtSP! What is the impression of the whole situation, Trilokatmaji? What does GBC say? Will any arbiter come? We have heard Zdenek - he is repeating the same thing over and over. Maybe it's good to let him write a little more and then take it to some psychiatrist to check. The fact with the quoting of treatening with the bodily injury, there should be quoted particular person and witness. These are serious accusations against them, and when related generally, it looks like manufactured by someone. I think that talks with individual petitionists should go on. There should be no further steps untill all the petitionists speak personally. And after each talk "the whole world=F9 of devotees involved should be informed. I don't think that connections to Kundali are just fantasy. Maybe it would be worthwhile to learn more about his activities here etc. The petition is on internet for now, what will be our reaction? What if it would appear in media? Ys Asvahari dasa (Text PAMHO:3615144) --------------------------------------- ---------------------